Grandma Eshter's

2 Jan

Damian A. Cruz, Tomas Cruz

That's One Sharp Cookie

Grandma Esther’s is Hollywood, FL’s go-to bakery for baked-organic non-gmo deliciousness. Their brand was inspired by love and dedication. Packed with all organic gluten free ingredients, the website provides their story, products, and a gateway to experience these amazing little cookies of joy.

A Fresh New Look

A bold breath of vibrant color for your eyes would be the best way to describe our overhaul of Grandma Esther’s website. Product shots and packaging were added to fuel their buyers enthusiasm while playfully leading them down this user-friendly, three-page, easy to navigate site.

Fresh Ground

The previous logo featured the ever-so-overused “organic” leaf. After defining the brand, we designed a vintage cookie logo in ode to the historical elements of the brand. The origami bee icon symbolizes the hand-crafted care put into each Grandma Esther’s cookie.

Get Your Pattern On

With the goal of humanizing the brand, I added some of Mrs. Estervina’s personal charm. The pattern features her personal favorite (and very well known) iconic Cuban idiom “Ay, dios mio!”.  Silhouettes of her birth place, Cuba, and her home Florida were added. The pattern is used generously though out the touch points of the GE brand.  The pattern includes most of the cookie flavors and all of the ingredient icons.

(Icons & Symbols)

A playfully elegant icon system was forged to identify key ingredient for each cookie flavor. The icons were developed with scalability in mind for future flavor combinations and differentiation between existing flavors. Their customers can visually identify what ingredients are contained in order to see if it would meet their personal taste preferences.

Finding the Sweet Spot (Positioning)

This was by far one of the greater challenges faced with this project. During an extensive discovery phase, several leading brands were researched. After filtering through several hundred points of parity, I decided to use the nutritional value and price premium as the key positioning factors for Grandma Esther’s.

Hot & Mild Flavors (Stylescapes)

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